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Topics and trends that caught our eye this week

Here are a few articles that caught our eye over the last couple of weeks.

Healthcare: 3 Ways to Humanize the Virtual Health Care Experience

For telehealth to remain a significant force in health care after the pandemic subsides, digital tools will have to take human emotions into account in the ways they support patients and care providers. A growing array of offerings are doing just that. They are aimed at helping both parties build trusting relationships.

HBR looks at three ways telehealth technologies can humanize the virtual care experience for both providers and patients.

Sustainability: Air bnb gets onboard with sustainability resources for hosts

Being an environmentally-responsible Host is not only good for the planet, it’s also good for your hosting business. In 2019, the number of stays at eco-friendly homes increased by 141 percent* over the previous year.

To help you become a more sustainable Host, Air bnb worked closely with the United Nations Environment Programme, the leading global environmental authority in the United Nations, and World Wildlife Fund, the world’s leading conservation organization, for expert insights.

Great informative content and message for a massive global audience.

Inspiration: The Early Pitch Decks Of 21 Startups Before They Became Billion-Dollar Companies

A fascinating look at some of the early pitch decks from our most admired companies. Including LinkedIn (before it had a dime of revenue) and Airbnb (when it was AirBed&Breakfast). Would you have invested in the vision they were pitching?

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