• Tania Wilson

Topics and trends that caught our eye this week

Zoom brain is real. Inside the mind of Mecca's omichannel strategy and how voice is educating us on sustainability.

Inspiration: Mecca's chief digital officer on omnichannel retailing in 2021

A great interview with Mecca chief digital officer, Sam Bain by CMO that highlights

the massive digital acceleration and learnings during COVID and what the rest of 2021 looks like.

Healthcare: Our Brains Need Breaks From Virtual Meetings

New research from Microsoft shows the potential downside of the virtual workplace, confirming that stress increases over the course of back-to-back virtual meetings.

Find out how to why your brain works differently when you take breaks.

Sustainability and voice: Voice is growing in popularity across countless industries, so it's reasonable to believe that it can be put to good use for environmental efforts too.

Voice assistants are here to do their part for the planet too and Voice Summit have highlighted some great ideas and real examples on how the future of voice will be part of our digital ecosystem.

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